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Hi! I'm Charlie.

I've been a Perth based Photographer for almost 15 years, specialising in fashion, beauty and weddings.

I started my journey in Photography in front of the lens as a Model, initially to gain some self-confidence. 

In 2011, after constantly being asked by people how I got into doing Modelling, and likely after seeing me on a billboard, in a magazine or shop window, I started my own Modelling school. 


Since it's inception, the Modelling school scouted, trained and launched the careers of countless aspiring Models over a span of 10 years.

During my time coaching my Modelling Students, I decided to give it a crack on the other side of the camera as a Photographer, and it was there I found my passion. 

I love the stories you can tell through Photography. The medium offers such a beautiful and powerful opportunity for self-expression and creativity.


I'm also very sentimental, so the idea of capturing moments in time that we can keep forever is very appealing to me. 

Forever an optimist, I have trained my eye to find and appreciate the beauty in my subjects and my greatest reward is when I convince them to see it themselves. 

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